Legend Of Cheesetopia: Ancient Times

Legend of Cheesetopia: Ancient Times

Three thousand one hundred forty two years ago, there was a land of injustice and vile things. This land was known as the Continent of Curdle. Mice dominated the Continent of Curdle, and enslaved a species called Cheese. The abuse of the Cheese by the mice was often times very heinous. So evil were these mice, that disturbing reports of mice eating Cheese in a cake factory were often verified.

Continent of Curdle was ruled by King George Rat. King George Rat heard of a new land called the Chillies. You know, with the beans, meat, tomatoes, and corn. King George Rat wanted to rule the Chillies, so he prepared his mice ships to sail.

King George Rat dreamed of conquering the Chillies. He planned to convert the meat into servants, tomatoes into butlers, corn into maids, and enslaving beans. But what he desired the most was wealth and possessions. When he taxed the inhabitants, the greedy king would be the richest rat in the world! If the inhabitants of the Chillies refused to pay the taxes, King George Rat would deliver them to Q’doba to be used as dip in nachos!

However, the Cheese carefully planned an escape led by Christopher Co-cheese-us. They discovered the rodent guard’s uniform closet, disguised themselves, and successfully eluded the rodent guards. The Cheese slaves stole the mice ships and set sail to the Chillies in search of freedom and peace.

While Co-cheese-us sailed to the Chillies, King George Rat pursued him. Though Co-cheese-us and his fellow Cheesemen landed on Wedge Rock on the New Land, little did they know that their landing was not the Chillies. The New Land was Cheesetopia! King George Rat landed his ship on Cheesetopia one day behind. King George Rat was more interested in ruling the land than bringing the Cheese back to the Continent of Curdle. However, the pioneers desired the land for freedom and justice. The battle for Cheestopia ensued.

The war was known as “The Rati-food-inary War”. King George Rat prepared his vole soldiers to be ready for battle. The Cheese also created an alliance with Native Americats who were brave fighters and knew the terrain. The first battle was fought in Swiss-erland, Tennecheese where Cheddar Washington led the Cheese in battle. The fighting was ferocious, whereby sharp cheddar swords clashed with rat fang knives. The next battle was held in Wisconsin where the mystic Cheese-Wiz led the battle.

The final battle’s main contestants were Muenster Cheese vs. Ratzilla in a wrestling match. The wrestling ring was made of a big goop of queso and mozzarella as the ropes. The battle began! Muenster Cheese smashed Ratzilla to the ground, but Ratzilla resisted and slugged Muenster Cheese’s arm. Muenster Cheese did the “dog-says-woof-woof-the-cat-says-me-OW!” trick to Ratzilla’s thumbs. Then Ratzilla pinned Muenster Cheese and paralyzed him to the ground and Muenster Cheese couldn’t get up! Ratzilla was about to win when Cheese-Wiz and the Native Americats attacked Ratzilla and devoured him! King George Rat was defeated. The Cheese claimed Cheesetopia and jailed King George Rat for his war crimes.

The End…Not!

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