Tales From Jabba The Puppet Story

A New Recruit
By: Tommy

We have a new recruit named Bob (we just call him Cheese Man because he constantly says “cheese” the whole time. He made himself a total fizzpop Anakin Skywalker and he is a great rebel. I mean, he recruited almost ALL of the students in McQuarrie into making a clone army. He calls it the 501st Pleatgion. He is also a great doodler too. Sometimes he helps Kellen and Remi make the Anti-Funtime posters. He may even be the hero of defeating Gizmo and Professer Funtime!

Epic Fishmaster Disaster Win
By: Murky

cheese man and me were called 2 the office at noon. She told is that we hav been steeling all the cords for funtime. i told her “stooky, we didnt take anything.”, and took pad-mè out and she said,”ur wrong! how could u even say that!” “now murky, enough with the puppets!”, said rabbski. “this ends now!”, said cheese man as he took out anakin skyfolder. he pulled out a whistle, and blew on it. tater tot and his squad of fold troopers threw paper at rabbski. her glasses fell off and broke so she couldnt see a thing.
we escaped and… pulled out the rest of the funtime cords.

A Secret
By: Bob/Cheese Man/Anakin Skyfolder

While we were escaping, we saw Mr. Howell come with something on his hand. He had an Origami Jabba on his finger. “Try me!”, shouted. He took out a Boba Fett and Jabba the Puppet said,”Rip the origami into shreds!” I blew my whistle and soon enough, Boba Fold was the one in shreds. “You have proven yourself worthy of defeating Funtime. Keep this a secret; I’m on your team.”, Howell whispered. We kept it a secret.
P.S. This is MY case file so Tommy and Kellen didn’t know about it.


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