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Forgotten Murky Words (found in JTP)

Here r the forgotten words of Murky: Chugbutt, tanning salon, mothra-meat, rhinestone gravy, corpuscle, pikpokology, un-phred, foot, smorefoot, failstorm 9000, cud-flavored yogurt fish, snormlik, groutly, instabarf, backmarnette, guttersock, doglickspot.


Treasure Map!


Heave the sails! Shine ur cutlasses! And get ready 2 sail!
1st, u must go through the sea monster’s whirlpool. And then, make ur way through the bombs of the dangerous cheese mines. Take the train 2 the island of ruthless ducky giants! Watch out!
They may quack rotten sardines at u! Make ur way across the swamp bridge. Last, u must fight Donkey Kong! If u survive all of this, sail to shore and claim ur treasure.