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Cheesetopia Language

Cheesetoramalajsiba: And
Cheeseycalifragilisticexpialidocious: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Cheddar2hands: Mean
Swissorama: Dinosaur
Papa Luigi: Pizza
Mama Louie: What the heck?
Transparent Lar: Window
Bree Barrack: Army
Holeroad: Bumpy Road
Foxfoxfoxfoxfoxfoxfoxfoxfox: ning,ning,ning,ding,ding,ding
Cheeseypoppins: Coke
Oppan Cheeseman Style: Gangnam Style
Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz: Alphabet
Dingeram: Lion
Ringdaking: Toy
Cheeseymeersey: Can
Zoo-ee-mama: I
Moldblue: Have
Stringy: A
Yellowy-Melowy: Look
Sukisarama: Through
Alikimon: The
Haamuuur: Roast
Ruki: Want
Issard: Beef
Warp: To fight
Samer Qwerrel: A mean kid, such as a bully
Warp Inculopanaom: A battle
Warp Sukkyt: A war
Shamabroam: To Hammer
Asamoe: A historical figure
Loropé: A word for carrot in Cheese Italian
Fwaquay: A graceful bird
Quay-quawlam: A big gluttony fairy
Tarquay: A hand with 3 fingers, like Yoda
F@¥o€: A digital word that means,” Password Denied”
@mon@€¥$: A digital word that means “Password Accepted”
Fulcom: Falcon
())55;7&6’fngfjtyjz,/66:)$);55wörjkhf: A code for many bank vaults
Rukoomy: A disgusting taste for a piece of cheese
Swiss-erland: A city in Tenne-cheese